Troops captured Boko Haram Amir and Physicians

In continuation of mop-up operation against the fleeing Boko Haram terrorists, troops of Op­eration Lafiya Dole have captured one of the Boko Haram Physicians and an Amir around CAMP ZAI­RO, Sambisa general area.

Theatre Commander Operation Lafiya Dole, Maj Gen Lucky Irabor told Journalists in Maiduguri that troops also recovered one big size Quran, 4 note­books containing names of BHTs and a list of BHT locs.

Other items recovered at the camp included a list of IED materials and method of preparation, breakdown of quantities of arms and ammunition issued to BHT members, some in­structions written in Ara­bic and a small BHT flag with Arabic inscription, a pair of black uniform with camouflage design on the edges and a précis on mo­tar operation written in Arabic.

Irabor also disclosed that a total of 963 civilians were arrested as BHT suspects while 2 BHT members surrendered to our troops during the operations con­ducted between Jan 4 – 11 17. He said that a total of 119 Nigerian IDPs were handed over to the Nige­rian troops at BANKI by the Cameroonian forc­es. Comprising 20 male adults, 25 female adults and 74 children, the IDPs have been screened and moved to one of the Nige­rian IDP camps.

According to him, most of the arrests were made after hot exchange of gun­fire. During one of the encounters, 11 BHT were killed in action while 9 others were captured. However, one soldier was wounded in action. The captured BHT are under­going interrogation.

On 9 Jan 17, troops de­ployed between BANKI and DAREL JAMEL con­ducted clearance patrol towards BHT crossing site and encountered the in­surgents at about 0715hrs. The insurgents fled on sighting the approaching troops and abandoned Honda motor cycle and 6 Jerry cans of 25 litre each containing AGO.

On 5 Jan 17, troops in conjunction with CJTF conducted clearance op­eration along DAMA­SAK – GASHIGAR road. The troops successfully cleared DUOMA, ASAGA, GASHIGAR and other surrounding villages. At ASAGA village, troops en­countered and dislodged some BHT elements.

In the process, he said troops recovered corpses of one officer and 15 sol­diers earlier declared Miss­ing in Action during their dislodgment from GASHI­GAR on 16 Oct 16. The corpses were recovered along Kamadugou River line included that of Lt Col K Yusuf, the former Commanding Officer, 223 Tank Battalion.

On 8 Jan 17 at about 1125hrs, troops in con­junction with CJTF con­ducted clearance operation around METELE village including an identified BHT hideouts from DO­GON CHUKU toward TUMBUN RAGO. 6 BHT were killed in action while 2 soldiers were wounded in action.

On 8 Jan 17, troops con­ducted clearance opera­tion in MANAWASI and GAREL villages. Troops successfully cleared the BHT with support from Air Component and domi­nated the village.

Sadly however, an officer and 4 soldiers were killed in action while 3 other soldiers were wounded. A total of 50 BHT were killed in action while 3 AK47 rifles and several weapons and grenade were recov­ered from the BHT. 9 BHT adults and 18 minors were arrested during the opera­tion.

On 3 Jan 2017, 4 women and 13 children were ap­prehended by vigilantes at BUNI YADI and were later handed over to troops. Preliminary investigation revealed that the women were wives of BHTs who fled from Sambisa Forest as a result of their dialodge­ment.

On 9 Jan 17, a surren­dered BHT identified a male sympathiser as BHT spy to MONGUNO and identified 2 wives of BHT Amir from the arrested BHT members. Also, on 4 Jan 17, troops on patrol along GUJBA-NANAM­AJI road arrested 4 BHT suspects fleeing TALALA. They include: Babagana Mohammedu from HONG in MICHIKA LGA, Usman Usman from FUNTUA Katsitna State, Murtala Dan-azimi from KOFAR GOMBE Bauchi State and Sanusi Dahiru from SAKWAYA in Jigawa State.

On 5 Jan 17, troops and CJTF arrested 4 BHT sus­pects at SHUWARI vil­lage following a tip off that there were some BHT amirs lurking around. The suspects are Modu Auwa­mi, Mamye Modu, Usman Kachanawa and Mallum Maji. During preliminary investigation, some local witnesses identified Modo Auwami as the one who used to provide medical treatment to injured BHT and had been seen wield­ing AK47 rifle on several occasions.

The other 3 suspects claimed they were abduct­ed by the BHT but only spent few days in their camps. The suspects are all from DAGUMBA and GUMSHE in MAFA and DIKWA LGA respectively.

On 3 Jan 17, troops in conjunction with CJTF arrested 4 BHT suspects namely: Usman Alhaji Karama, Wakil Aga, Biye Kunti and Maimusa Khadi at SHUARI village close to Customs House. The sus­pects were from DAGUM­BA village in MAFA LGA and they all confessed to be BHT members. They claimed to have come to town to buy Tramadol tab­lets as they were arrested with 27 sachets of Tra­madol tablets, 3 sachets of Cowbel chocolate and the sum of N5,040.00.

On 8 Jan 17, following a tip-off a suspected BHT member, Abubakar Baba­gana Tijani (also known as Mafiyo) was arrested at GONGE area of MAIDU­GURI. The suspect is be­lieved to be among those at the top hierarchy of the BHT sect as he is especially known for his cross border activities.

On 6 Jan 17, troops on patrol at AWTI village general area arrested one Alhaji Muhammed with gunshot wounds on his left leg. The suspect confessed to be among the BHT that were ambushed by own troops around RANN on 30 Dec 16.

On 6 Jan 17, troops de­ployed at BUNI YADI ar­rested 2 men who were wandering forward of own troops location. One of them identified himself as an ex-soldier. Troops ar­rested them and prelimi­nary investigation revealed that the ex-soldier was dis­missed from the military in Jan 16 at NASI while the other suspect was his friend.

On 9 Jan 17, one Alhaji Njida, a BHT member surrendered to our troops deployed at LIMAN­KARA. One AK 47 rifle loaded with 9 rounds with 7.62mm special ammuni­tion was recovered from him.

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