BE ALERT ! ! !
My name is Adeyemi Ajayi. I am not a security operative, but a Risk Manager whose career has helped to identify potential risks.

Nigerian as nation has not experienced this form of hardship in a very long time and things appear to be worse on daily basis. But trust me, Nigerians will always think of good and bad ways of survival.
This little article is about security alert.

Nigerian police have the duty of care to protect every citizen of this country, but we all know what is obtainable.
This piece is an advice, but protection belongs to God.

Ritual Killings may be on the rise !

Some Nigerians will always resort to voodoo to salvage their situations and in most cases, it requires human rituals. So, ritual killings may be on the rise.
To avoid this:
* Do not travel at night or early morning.
* Do not accept food or drink from a stranger when on a journey together.
* Avoid lifts and commuting in a vehicle with people of suspicious look.
* Get to designated parks to get your vehicle and be very careful about Taxis.

Thank God for Uber, you can use it. If you are commuting, always keep a family member informed. Let them know where you are and where you are heading to. If possible, let your family member know the Taxi you taking i.e. the registration number.
Do not enter a Taxi with another passenger already inside. Atimes, it is safer to take a Taxi with an elderly man as the driver.
Be also careful with Marwa (tricycle). Be watchful.

Robbery ! ! !

It is always expected that robbery increases every year end, but cases of robbery may be more this year due to the hardship.
* Do not drive alone and if you must, do not take route that are lonely or quiet.
* Do not drive late at night or too early in the morning.
* Do not pick up passengers you do not know.
* Ensure that you don’t display gadgets or phones or jewelries in any part of your vehicle.
* When in traffic, roll up your glasses.
* Be watchful and sensitive to drivers around you…some may bash your vehicle from behind to make you come down and discuss.
* Also, be vigilant about “Policemen”. Do not allow any policeman inside your car and do not roll down your glass fully to enable them open your door.
Same applies to road safety, LASTMA etc. Ensure your papers are complete and give to show them through your glass except in an open area.
* When in public bus, be careful your sitting location.
* Do not make sensitive phone calls discussing money.
* Do not display your expensive phones and always ensure that your phones are on silence. You can return calls later.
* Do not carry cash around like bullion van. Do not go to ATM at night or use ATMs in lonely path/location.
* Do not put all your cash in one account. It may save you.
Always use cashless platform.
* Do not carry all your ATMs at once, it may expose you. Do not open door for stranger into your house.
* Do not stay late in clubs or hotels for party.
* Sensitize your neighbours about security issues. Report any strange movement in your area to Police.

You can contact police PROs on

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